Our Mission

Where clean nutrition and sustainability intersect.

With global issues of growing pollution, rising populations, and increasing food insecurity, we face several certain impending crises. As a global people, we can't keep treating our planet and our bodies the way we have been.

We must do better.

And we are!

Hello, Planet Earth!

We’re Spacemilk and we’re set to change a few things – for the better.

From the beginning, Spacemilk formed to create better transparency, higher quality ingredients, and renewable sourcing in alternative foods.

How do we do this?

First, we’re cell-based, meaning our protein is sourced from a single-celled organism: baker’s yeast. Single-celled organisms are the most efficient producers in our ecosystem, placing the environmental costs for creating protein at their lowest. Our protein uses significantly less land, less water, and creates fewer emissions than even plant-based sources. It’s also cleaner! There are no pesticides, hormones, or GMO processes involved AND it’s naturally complete with ideal ratios* of all your essential amino acids (*PDCAAS of 1).

Second, we stand behind our values. That means no plastic, no fillers, and no serving size magic. We keep it simple – in our formulas, in our packaging, and in our objective to provide optimal nutrition with minimal impact to our planet.

We exist to help humanity thrive by providing clean nutrition people can trust and feel good about.

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A nutrition company like you’ve never seen before.
Plastic Free

Did you know over 94% of all plastic in the US ends up in a landfill or in our oceans?


Did you know over 94% of all plastic in the US ends up in a landfill or in our oceans?

10% is burned and only 5% is recycled. Yes, even the plastic you put in your recycling bin.*

We choose to use 100% aluminum containers to help fight our growing plastic crisis. After all, 75% of all aluminum ever produced is still in use today thanks to its reliable recycling!

*Greenpeace report on plastic recycling “Circular Claims Fall Flat Again, 2022 Update


Our protein source is naturally hypoallergenic, ideal for digestion, and with a balanced ph of...

Our protein source is naturally hypoallergenic, ideal for digestion, and with a balanced ph of ~ (just like pure water).

We preserved this advantage, using an intentionally simple, ultra-clean formula with only 5 ingredients: protein, soluble fiber, probiotics, organic monkfruit, and a little bit of salt.

Single-Source Complete Protein

With all 9 essential amino acids naturally present in their ideal ratios, Spacemilk’s protein ...

With all 9 essential amino acids naturally present in their ideal ratios, Spacemilk’s protein is fully complete with a perfect PDCAAS of 1.

PDCAAS stands for Protein Digestibility Corrected Amino Acid Score and is used by the FDA and FAO/WHO as the preferred best method to determine protein quality.The highest score possible is 1. Most vegan proteins do not meet this, and therefore need to combine with other sources to assemble a "complete" protein, but it's only as complete as its lowest component.

Only the Best in Everything

Our ingredients. Our packaging. Our manufacturing process. We've taken great effort to bring y...

Our ingredients. Our packaging. Our manufacturing process. We've taken great effort to bring you the purest product, in the most sustainable way possible.

But, to do the best we must always strive for continual improvement. Whether it's in our formulation, sourcing, packaging or impact: whatever is best for you and best for the planet, that’s what we’re about – and you can hold us to that. We never cut a corner. Ever.

If you know of something we can do better, or have heard of something you think would make Spacemilk even better, please contact us because we'd love to hear from you!

Our Future

Launch Spacemilk Original Protein Powder

Bring Spacemilk Original Protein in Earth-loving, sustainable aluminum tins to our founding customers, perfecting our recipe for a December pre-launch in the United States.

Spacemilk in More Varieties and Places

Winter (Jan - Mar)
Introduce two new Spacemilk flavors, which just like Spacemilk Original, will be just real, clean food.

Spring (Apr - Jun)
R&D begins on ready-to-drink Spacemilk in beautiful, recyclable aluminum bottles
Finalize European manufacturing facilities

Summer (Jul-Sep)
Find Spacemilk on retail shelves near you so you can get Spacemilk on the go
Development of fall-special Spacemilk flavors (feel free to tell us what you'd love!)
Spacemilk apparel and accessories available to public
Expansion into Canada

Fall (Oct-Dec)
Begin pre-orders for full meal replacement shake to provide you with the best protein on Earth, as well as other vital nutrients to fuel your day
Fall and Winter flavors available
Expand manufacturing capacity and shipping for expansion outside the US into Europe
Begin work with government programs for nutrition and space development

Spacemilk for Every Body on Earth

Global expansion of Spacemilk to additional countries

New flavors and varieties of Spacemilk protein powders, ready-to-drink protein, and our meal replacement shakes

Development of infant formula, protein & energy bars, and targeted nutrition foods

Further development and R&D on making the technology behind Spacemilk available to additional critical-need environments, such as food deserts, both urban and rural, and space

Healing Earth and Eyes Towards Space

Work with NGOs and other future-focused organizations to bring Spacemilk technology to other applications with a critical need for land- and water-sparing protein, such as food deserts, freeing up resources for other crops and critical uses

Begin introduction of Spacemilk technology into spacefaring applications to create opportunities for farther space travel with both private and public organizations

Solve our Global Food Crisis & Enter Space

See Spacemilk technology creating lifesaving nutrition for astronauts and other spacefarers, furthering space exploration capacity 

Continue work with NGOs to address the impending food crisis, staving off a potentially extinction-level world hunger event

Message from Walter Ross, Founder of Spacemilk

“I want to live in a world which reflects the compassion of humanity. Any company is composed of people, but so much of those very human values can be lost along the way.

I created Spacemilk to change the ingrained practices in the nutrition industry. With Spacemilk, I see a future where feeding everyone doesn’t necessitate the destruction of our environment. I see a future free from scarcity, where each person can have the exact nutrition they need to thrive, not just survive. With cell proteins and similar technologies, the future is bright and the possibilities are endless.

While we are the first to pioneer this new category, I hope to soon see more companies adopt cell-based technologies and plastic-free packaging. To me, these are necessary small steps to solve the current and future global issues facing our species. The race is on– ad astra!”

- Walter Ross, Founder & Interstellar Farmer
Spacemilk News

Spacemilk is honored to be a 2023 Nominee for the Edison Awards in Innovation for Food and Agricultural Advancements.

It is our hope to bring clean, sustainable nutrition to every corner of our world and beyond, but that giant leap for mankind starts with the single step we take together, today.

5 Star Reviews

"I require protein supplementation to power both my athletic training and get through my shifts as a nurse, but have ulcerative colitis - which means that most protein that I consume can cause me to have significant stomach upset. I've always had a fear of how my stomach is going to be on any particular day, and how it will affect my work and my patients. It's really stressful! This is the first time I haven't had to worry about that. My stomach literally feels calm after drinking it, and I know I am getting only things I actually need. It is such a relief. "

- Christopher Cox, R.N.

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