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Star Rating Icon Dozens of Five Star Reviews
Star Rating Icon Dozens of Five Star Reviews

Elevate your nutrition game with our cell based protein

The core of sustainability and nutrition. Spacemilk is one of a kind, a new category of natural whole protein.

Strength & energy booster
Vegan Friendly

Your True Earth-Friendly Option

No solvents required, we extract our cell-based protein directly from water and physics.

The most earth-friendly option on the planet.
Ideal Single-Source Vegan Protein
Allergen Free
Soy Free
More Sustainable Than Plant Based
Gluten Free
Dairy Free
Equal Or Superior Amino Acid To Whey

First of its kind Protein

Obtained from a single cell organism, the most efficient producer in our ecosystem.

*Verified Non-GMO baker’s yeast.

The Spacemilk Difference

We are a sustainable protein brand, the planet's health is our top priority.


We opt for 100% aluminum containers and stainless steel scoops, forsaking plastic, to minimize waste and safeguard the environment.


Spacemilk is both plant-based and outperforms soy, producing 40% lower CO2 emissions and using 40% less water, showcasing exceptional sustainability.


Spacemilk outperforms whey with an impressive 97% reduction in CO2 emissions.

Edison Awards

2023 Gold Medalist

“Innovation For Food and Agricultural Advancements”

Revolutionize your fitness journey with a game-changing source of sustainable protein.

Taste and process From Another Galaxy!

Savor an exceptionally smooth, subtly sweet flavor that's truly otherworldly. Personalize your protein shake with your favorite ingredients.

Smooth and easy-to-mix protein powder that eliminates the clumping and blending difficulties often found in whey or pea proteins.

Spacemilk boasts a gentle and subtly sweet profile, complementing every pairing flawlessly. It's even delightful on its own with water, offering a neutral taste for anytime enjoyment.

With a neutral pH of around 7, it guarantees a smooth drinking sensation.

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