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Space-Grade Protein | Yeast Protein Isolate
100% Vegan
Dairy Free
Gluten Free
Complete Protein
Soy Free

We are light years ahead

Space Grade Protein

Our protein has better content than whey, pea, or soy, meaning gram-for-gram you get more of what your body needs. We can back this up under both protein scoring systems used by nutritionists: PDCAAS and DIAAS.

Our protein is higher quality, with no allergens, no inflammatory dairy proteins, and no anti-nutrient or hard to digest plant derivatives either.

Our protein is cleaner with no pesticides or chemicals used in fermentation or protein isolation. We also have lower levels of heavy metals and no preservatives in formulation.

Our protein feels better. With a natural PH ~7, like water, Spacemilk is easy to mix and even easier to digest. It goes down and settles like water.

Spacemilk is simply a cleaner, better protein that will change your life.

That's right, it does sound too good to be true. Welcome to the future.

A New Category

Spacemilk is the disruptor-pioneer of a brand new category in protein which will replace the plant and animal industries. It's called "single-cell protein." It means derived from single-cell organisms, which are the most efficient and renewable organisms in the ecosystem.

Spacemilk's protein is derived from the single-cell organism non-GMO baker's yeast, which is a member of the Fungi family like mushrooms. That's why we like to say we're not plant or animal based. Unlike mushrooms however, which are fibrous and complex, baker's yeast is an ultra simple single-cell organism. It's easy and quick to grow, and humans have been using baker's yeast for thousands of years.

The reason it hasn't been used as a significant protein source before is that the cell wall of baker's yeast is difficult for humans to digest. Now, a new application of an established food technology allows the separation of protein from the yeast cell wall material.

Using just water and electricity, the amino acids are extracted from within the cell, then repeatedly washed and filtered until the protein reaches quality and purity minimums, then it's pasteurized, dried, and packaged into Spacemilk.

This process is the least environmentally impactful and most renewable way to create protein on the planet. Luck or fate, it's also incredible that the natural protein content of non-GMO baker's yeast is ideal for the human body.

Best in Class: Ethics

You are the first pillar of Spacemilk. Our mission is to provide you the very best fuel for your day. That means we only bring you the highest quality products with the highest quality ingredients, and we never cut corners in formulation.

The planet is the second pillar of Spacemilk because our surroundings shape us, and it's objectively better to live in a world with cleaner air and water. (So, really it's still pillar #1, you.) We want you to thrive as a lifestyle.

That means our products are the best for you AND the planet.

First, you. We simply deliver the best convenient way to thrive daily.

Then the planet. We support the best innovative ingredients and raise the bar for lowering impact across the brand.

Finally, a nutrition company you can trust feeling good about.


Single-cell proteins (SCPs) are the hottest new topic in sustainable agriculture. Start to finish, SCP's produce up to 97% less CO2 than whey, and 40% less than soy. They also require 40% less water and nutrients than soy too.

Our protein, which comes from non-GMO baker's yeast, is grown in a tank of water. It uses less land, less water, less nutrients, produces less CO2, and in less time than soy or whey alternatives. It's also pesticide free and comes with none of the fertilizer runoff pollutants, crop death, or runaway GMO of traditional agriculture.

It's also 100% animal free, which, combined with its other favorable ethical attributes, makes it 'more vegan' than the existing plant-based vegan options. Spacemilk is truly, a cruelty free option which outperforms plant-based products (and animal-based) for content and digestibility. Whether you have a traditional diet or a vegan lifestyle, Spacemilk is the upgrade to your current protein.

Allergen Free

Spacemilk's protein is derived from non-GMO baker's yeast. It is allergen free. To be extra clear, Spacemilk is: gluten free, dairy free, soy free, and free of all major allergens.

What about a yeast sensitivity?

1. Spacemilk is derived from yeast, but all the yeast is destroyed on the cellular level, then filtered and removed to isolate the protein. It is not close to active or inactive yeast, so someone with a yeast sensitivity should be fine, but please first consult with your doctor if you have strong issues or concerns.

2. True baker's yeast allergy is incredibly rare. For most people with yeast sensitivity, it's a generalized term to describe reactions to fermented foods. Molds and bacteria which cause reactions typically grow in the same conditions as yeast, so in active fermented products there might be something other than the yeast causing issues.

Yeast can also produce several byproducts during fermentation if they're stressed, like acetaldehyde which is thought to cause alcohol flush and reactions in beer. Through repeated washings and filtration, all the water soluble components and most all of the non protein or fat components are removed, which leaves an ultra pure, ultra clean, allergen free material.

Innovative Protein Breakthrough

Derived from a unicellular organism, it stands as the pinnacle producer within our ecosystem for efficiency.


Bullet Icon 1 Simple Ingredient
Bullet Icon 25g Best Complete Protein
Bullet Icon Allergen Free
Bullet Icon Unflavored
Bullet Icon Easy-to-Mix, Drinks Like Water
Bullet Icon No Bloating, No Discomfort
Bullet Icon Vegan-Friendly

Strong, Silent Protein

The only thing neutral is our flavor!

Spacemilk has been compared to unsweetened rice milk. The flavor is very mild, with hints of baked goods and umami.

Spacemilk is ultra fine. In water, the mouthfeel is smooth with a light powdery residual that is easy to clear. Not gritty. Settles in the stomach like water.

With a neutral pH of around 7, it guarantees a smooth drinking sensation.

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