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  1. What is Spacemilk?

    Spacemilk is the innovator-disruptor changing the nutrition industry. Our mission is for you to thrive as a lifestyle. That's why we only use the very best ingredients and cleanest formulations. No preservatives, fillers, or fake flavors--natural OR artificial. Only true ingredients without cutting any corners.

    Our first product line, protein, is revolutionary because it's a brand new category of protein: single-cell protein. This means derived from a single-cell organism, the most efficient producer in the ecosystem. Our protein is derived from non-GMO baker's yeast and not only is it better for the planet, it's actually better for your body and cleaner too!

  2. What makes Spacemilk different from plant or animal proteins?

    Our protein has superior nutritional content than whey, which was the previous leader, while also being more sustainable than plant-based. We back this up under the protein quality scoring systems used globally: PDCAAS and DIAAS. (Spacemilk has a PDCAAS of 1 and a DIAAS of 121.)

    We're also allergen free, including gluten-free, soy-free, and dairy-free. We have no preservatives or pesticides, and we also use no solvents or chemicals in processing.

    Even better, we have no inflammatory dairy proteins or difficult to digest plant materials with their anti-nutrients. (Legumes are the primary plant-based protein, and they're full of anti-nutrients!)

    Bottom line, any reason you drink protein is a reason to switch to Spacemilk. We're simply better in every category.

  3. What is Spacemilk made from?

    Spacemilk is derived from non-GMO baker's yeast.

    The process is simple:

    1. Grow yeast in a tank of water.
    2. Run a heavy electrical current through the water to open up the yeast cell wall, thereby releasing the amino acids, fats, and other materials within.
    3. Filter out all the cell material and large particles.
    4. Wash the filtered material with water, then separate the proteins, removing the water soluble components and flavoring.
    5. Repeat step 3-4, shrinking the size of the filter each time, until it reaches the premium standards of Spacemilk.
    6. Pasteurize.
    7. Dry and package.

    This results in an ultra clean, ultra available protein that's allergen free and naturally ideal for your body.

  4. Is Spacemilk vegan?

    Yes! Spacemilk is 100% animal free.

    And we're actually "more vegan" than plant-based proteins, with better ethics and impact on the environment. Our protein produces 40% less CO2 and uses 40% less water than soy! That's not counting the other drawbacks to conventional farming, like pesticide runoff, fertilizer runoff, crop death, and runaway GMO.

  5. Is Spacemilk free of allergens?

    Yes. Spacemilk is free of all major allergens.

    In the protein isolation process, the baker's yeast is completely destroyed, all of the cell material, water-soluble components, and most all of the flavoring is removed.

    What remains is a highly pure, highly clean mixture of mostly protein and fats, with a small amount of flavor components.

    Spacemilk is not active or inactive yeast, and even if you have a yeast sensitivity you should be fine due to the method of production. However, if you have strong concerns or reactions to yeast, please consult with your doctor; you know your body best, and it's up to you to know what risks are present.

  6. Why is Spacemilk right for me?

    Spacemilk is perfect for every body and any reason to drink protein is a reason to switch to Spacemilk instead.

    We beat animal and whey protein for content and digestibility, but without the ethical issues, allergens, hormones, or inflammatory dairy proteins.

    We beat plant proteins for ethics and sustainability, but without the anti-nutrients or hard-to-digest plant materials.

    And we actually taste better than either! Right now, we only have our unflavored option, which is definitely superior to unflavored whey and plant-based.

    If you like flavors, you can either add your own, or wait a few more months while we release our chocolate and vanilla. (Formulation has finished and they taste amazing, we're just waiting on production.)

  7. How do I use Spacemilk?

    Use one serving in 12-14 oz. of water. Note that Spacemilk is incredibly fine and there can be large variability in serving size when you scoop, depending on how forceful you scoop.

    For true serving size measurements, we recommend a loosely scooped 1/4 cup or to use a measuring scale.

    Spacemilk can be used in smoothies with frozen fruit and your beverage of choice.

    It's also great in baking recipes, substituted 1:1 for half of the flour called for.

  8. When will I know if Spacemilk is working?

    If you change nothing else to your diet and only add Spacemilk, you should begin to notice increases in energy and overall wellness in 1-2 weeks.

    This comes from reaching or getting closer to your daily protein goals.

    You might notice that you have less cravings for snacks, increases in strength, and better rest. All these are indicators that you weren't getting enough protein and that your body was borrowing from itself for repairs and functions.

  9. Do you offer samples of Spacemilk?

    We're a small-batch innovative company and the minimums for samples are large.

    That being said, we plan to release 10 serving bags in July or August with our flavors. This price point should accommodate people interested in Spacemilk, who want to dip their toe and try us out.

  1. What makes Spacemilk sustainable?

    Our protein uses less water, less land, uses less fertilizer, produces less CO2, and in less time start to finish than whey and soy.

    Our protein is grown in a tank of water, meaning no pesticide, fertilizer, or animal waste runoff. We also don't have the accompanying crop-death or runaway GMO issues of conventional agriculture.

    All in all, we are more renewable, less impactful, and more ethical than any other protein out there.

    Welcome to the future of food.

  2. Why is there no scoop in my bag?

    Single-use plastics are a growing problem. Originally, we launched in aluminum containers to be 100% plastic free. It drove our price point up, and in practice it wasn't profitable.

    However just because we changed packaging, doesn't mean that our mission has changed. Our principles remain, and doing the most we can to reduce our impact practicably is a non-negotiable.

    For this reason, we don't include a single-use plastic scoop. Instead, we have stainless steel scoops at-cost available as an add-on.

    Please note that our Original formulation had a 1/3 scoop serving size, and the current Unflavored formulation uses a 1/4 scoop. We are still waiting on production of the 1/4 scoop, and only have 1/3 cup scoops available.

Purchases & Returns
  1. What is your shipping policy?

    We ship via UPS, and orders typically go out in the mornings the next business day. We offer package protection and insurance via our integration with Route.

    When you check out you can choose package insurance for a few dollars more, which will cover all damages, lost, or stolen packages.

    Orders over $100 receive free shipping.

  2. How do I get a refund?

    Refunds for damage, theft, or loss in transit are handled by our shipping insurance integration with Route. You'll need to add package protection for a few dollars in order to be protected.

    Refunds for other reasons are a case by case basis. Please reach out to or via our contact form.

    Temper your expectations if you don't like the taste, as we are very clear about our unflavored product being neutral in taste and an unflavored protein. It's not meant to amaze the tastebuds, but instead support your body in the cleanest, least inflammatory way.

    Returns for our product are not like returning a sweatshirt or pair of shoes on amazon, as we never resell anything that has left our warehouse. It's a hard cost to us.

    If you're purchasing with the intent to buy and return if it's not right, don't purchase and instead consider whether you would like Spacemilk further. Sending out full packages for one-off samples is not a sustainable practice for our business.

  3. Can I get a refund even if it's not my first purchase?

    Yes! If there is ever anything unusual about your Spacemilk, please let us know. Consistency and quality are pillars of our brand, and anything that doesn't stand up to your usual expectations is important to us.

    Please reach out via our contact form or e-mail at

  4. Who do I contact if there’s an issue with my order?

    If you have any issues with ordering, delayed shipping, or anything at all, please reach out via our contact form or e-mail

  1. How does a subscription work?

    We offer an extra discount to subscribers as a thank you for supporting us and becoming a part of our community.

    When you purchase a subscription, we automatically create an account for you where you can log in and manage your subscription.

    You can change the frequency of delivery, quantity, or cancel your membership.

    Soon, we'll be implementing a rewards program where you can track your rewards and trade them in for early access products, apparel, or towards your next order!

  2. How do I skip delivery?

    To skip a delivery, simply login to your account and go to “manage subscriptions” - from here you can adjust your subscription settings.

  3. How do I change the date for my next order?

    All subscription changes can be managed by logging into your Spacemilk account. If you have any problems, please feel free to reach out via

  4. How do I reactivate a canceled subscription?

    You can reactivate subscriptions, change order quantity, increase frequency, and more from your account page.

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