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Spacemilk - Sensitive Needs

The greatest protein with the best benefits in the market.
Strength & Energy Booster
No Sugar
Vegan Friendly
Product Information
Protein - Complete cell-based protein.
Soluble Fiber - Hypoallergenic soluble fiber, clinically backed for supporting gut health and both types of IBS.
Probiotics - LactoSpore™, a carefully-selected strain of spore-forming probiotics.
Organic Monkfruit - Healthiest non-nutritive sweetener.
Salt - Just a dash for enhanced flavor and electrolytes.

Clean nutrition, without the nuisance. Animal and plant protein shakes have at least one reason why someone can’t drink them.

Pesticides. GMO. Solvents. Inflammatory ingredients. Other un-pronounce-ables. The list goes on.

Whether they were added as an afterthought, as a marketing trend, or they’re a natural allergen (think: whey, soy, gluten), it can be incredibly frustrating to feel sick from something that’s supposed to make you feel good.

At Spacemilk, we get you and your sensitive needs. With 5 simple, natural ingredients and none of the fancy flavors, Spacemilk is 100% hypoallergenic.

Nutrition Facts
Amino Acid Profile
Ideal Complete Single-Source Vegan Protein
Allergen Free
Soy Free
Gluten Free
Dairy Free
Equal Or Superior Amino Acid To Whey
Sensitive Needs
Perfect PDCAAS
Balanced PH of 7
No Inflammatory Dairy Proteins
No Inflammatory Animal Proteins
No Hormone Disruptors
No Pesticides
No Plant Or Animal Proteins
More Sustainable Than Plant Based
Plastic Free
BPA Free

The Spacemilk Difference

Complete Amino Acid Profile

Spacemilk is made using a single-source cell protein, which is naturally complete. Our protein is equal or superior to whey, with none of the drawbacks. Most plant proteins must be blended with others to simulate a complete blend, but Spacemilk is already complete on its own.


Protein for everyone, with the most sensitive individuals in mind. Our formula is purposely simple and our ingredients are all recognized for their safety and purity.

Cell Protein

Spacemilk is the first of its kind in a new category of protein, Cell Protein. Derived from ordinary single-celled Baker’s Yeast, Cell Protein is a naturally complete, whole protein.

Made Responsibly

Our protein is grown in water, using fewer resources, producing less CO2, and with less land and water than any plant- or animal-based protein. The water used to make our protein is fully recyclable, and no harsh solvents, fertilizers, or other dangerous chemicals come near it for any reason.

Plastic Free

Did you know over 94% of all plastic in the US ends up in a landfill? Much of it is burned and still ends up in a landfill or in our seas.

Sensitive Needs

At Spacemilk, we truly understand and cater to your unique sensitivities. Crafted from just five pure, natural ingredients and free from extravagant flavors, Spacemilk stands as the epitome of hypoallergenic perfection.

The universe in every serving…

With Spacemilk, your body is able to meet its protein, soluble fiber and probiotic needs.

Award-Winning Recipe

Bullet Icon Significantly More Sustainable
Bullet Icon 5 Simple, Clean Ingredients
Bullet Icon Hypoallergenic
Bullet Icon 100% Vegan
Bullet Icon Perfect Protein Digestibility
Bullet Icon Tastes and Feels Good

Taste and process From Another Galaxy!

Savor an exceptionally smooth, subtly sweet flavor that's truly otherworldly. Personalize your protein shake with your favorite ingredients.

Smooth and easy-to-mix protein powder that eliminates the clumping and blending difficulties often found in whey or pea proteins.

Spacemilk boasts a gentle and subtly sweet profile, complementing every pairing flawlessly. It's even delightful on its own with water, offering a neutral taste for anytime enjoyment.

With a neutral pH of around 7, it guarantees a smooth drinking sensation.

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