Sensitive Needs

Clean nutrition,
without the nuisance
Animal and plant protein shakes have at least one reason why someone can’t drink them.

Pesticides. GMO. Solvents. Inflammatory ingredients. Other un-pronounce-ables. The list goes on.

Whether they were added as an afterthought, as a marketing trend, or they’re a natural allergen (think: whey, soy, gluten), it can be incredibly frustrating to feel sick from something that’s supposed to make you feel good.

At Spacemilk, we get you and your sensitive needs. With 5 simple, natural ingredients and none of the fancy flavors, Spacemilk is 100% hypoallergenic.

Done with the secrecy in other formulations? We are too. Here’s what’s inside Spacemilk. All cards on the table.

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    100% Natural
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    Cruelty Free
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    Vegan Friendly
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    Allergy Friendly
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    Family Friendly
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    Sustainably Sourced
What to know...

  • 5 Ingredients: protein, soluble fiber, probiotics, monk fruit, salt

  • Hypoallergenic - no fillers, no buzzwords

  • Perfect protein digestibility (highest PDCAAS of 1)

  • 100% plant-based & vegan

  • Tastes and feels good – satisfaction guaranteed

Why it matters...
The Only Protein that Works for Everyone (We Really Mean it!)

Imagine a family of five, with different protein powders for everyone’s differences in dietary needs, tastes and allergens. The hazard and expenditure are real and frankly annoying. The worst part is-you gotta do the work and find what may fail you.

Part of how Spacemilk came to be has to do with simplifying what other protein shake brands are complicating for you. Nutrition brands are adept at exploiting legal and regulatory loopholes when it comes to sourcing and disclosing their ingredients.

Hidden lactose in whey proteins, artificial flavors, sweeteners that cause alarming spikes in blood sugar levels and life-threatening allergies due to dairy, soy, nuts, and gluten are just some of the many things you need to consider while buying a protein powder.

But what if we could make it easy, clean and complete, nutritionally. Well we did it. A formula 2 years in the making.

Ours is a cell-based complete protein with no hidden ‘natural flavors’ or hard-to-pronounce exotic buzzwords. Spacemilk is formulated intentionally keeping your most sensitive dietary needs in mind, without compromising on nutritional value.

Message from Walter Ross, Founder of Spacemilk

“Anyone that knows me, knows I’m highly particular about what goes in my body. So, when I tell you I drink three or four servings of Spacemilk daily, you know it’s the real deal. As the founder, Spacemilk is my baby, but as a longtime consumer in the industry, I’m Spacemilk’s most demanding customer and also #1 fan. I’m so excited to share Spacemilk with you, and it’s only going to get way better from here. ”

- Walter Ross, Founder & Interstellar Farmer
Spacemilk News

Spacemilk is honored to be a 2023 Nominee for the Edison Awards in Innovation for Food and Agricultural Advancements.

It is our hope to bring clean, sustainable nutrition to every corner of our world and beyond, but that giant leap for mankind starts with the single step we take together, today.

  1. Why is Spacemilk right for me?

    With 25g of complete protein, 3g of soluble fiber, and 1 billion CFU of probiotics per serving, Spacemilk is right for anyone who is looking to increase their daily protein intake while being kind to their digestive system.

  2. Is Spacemilk free of allergens?

    Yes. The purification process isolates the protein from the cells using only water and electricity. This means that, unlike other protein sources, Spacemilk is free of any solvents, chemicals or undisclosed ingredients.

  3. Is Spacemilk vegan?

    Yes! Spacemilk is neither animal- nor plant-based.

  4. Why should I have a Spacemilk subscription?

    There are a few reasons many customers prefer a Spacemilk subscription.

    • Our subscribers receive free shipping for the life of their subscription, as well as increased discounts: all subscription orders ship with free shipping for the life of the subsription, but in order to help you fully keep Spacemilk part of your daily routine, the second shipment also receives 5% off, and then the third and every subsequent shipment in the subscription receives 10% off.
    • Spacemilk is made in smaller batches to ensure purity; therefore, there is only so much Spacemilk available with each run. Subscriptions receive priority, and are the best way to make sure you never run out of Spacemilk.
    • Subscriptions are flexible in frequency and quantity, and the quantity discounts are in addition to subscription discounts.

    We know that making Spacemilk a part of your daily routine will help you feel great, and want to help you stay feeling that way!


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Our Promise

We want you to be healthy, happy & satisfied.

Try Spacemilk for 30 days and see how it makes you feel. If you don’t love it, you'll get a full refund for one (1) container of each flavor, and welcome your feedback for ways to improve! Yes, that includes shipping and sales tax! No need to return your container, just pass it along to someone you think would love Spacemilk. Pretty fair right?