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Space Milk Launches Innovative New Vegan Protein Made from Yeast

 Washington, D.C. (Date)Innovative nutrition startup Space Milk announced today the launch of the most sustainable, complete, vegan, hypo-allergenic, and best tasting protein product on the market. Designed to meet the planet’s future nutrition needs with a manufacturing process that is neither plant or animal based, and so simple it can be done in space – Space Milk delivers a complete protein supplement with all 9 essential amino acids, now available for consumer purchase.

Space Milk is a vegan protein supplement made using yeast-protein isolate which creates less CO2, uses less resources, and can be produced in less time than animal and plant-based proteins. It is the cleanest (most hypoallergenic) source of protein available. The minimum recommended human protein intake is 8g/kg of body weight, but optimal levels can be as much as two times higher. Adding a protein supplement to the diet helps boost strength, energy, and mental focus, while reducing the effects of aging.


“We created Space Milk to provide the cleanest nutrition for humans, while minimizing our impact on the environment,” said Walter Ross, co-founder, Space Milk. “A future exists where population growth outpaces our ability to provide within our traditional understandings of food. Our vision is to apply technology to answer humanity’s base nutritional requirements – both here on Earth, and beyond.”


Space Milk is the first vegan, yeast-based, non-GMO protein alternative that is easy to digest and provides a complete amino acid profile, comparable to whey. It is made from three key ingredients – Protevin™, Fibersol-2™, and Lactospore™. The product’s sustainable manufacturing process uses only water and electricity, produces less CO2 than comparable proteins, and requires no pesticides, factory farming, or added hormones.


Each Space Milk ingredient is intentionally selected to meet vegan and hypoallergenic product standards. Its industry-leading probiotic ingredients provide additional gut health benefits. Space Milk is mild in flavor, making it easy to drink when mixed with water or other beverages. The product is also available in chocolate and vanilla flavors.


“Space Milk is simple, transparent, effective – and tasty. You can read and understand every ingredient on the label. Simplicity is important to us, because we believe you should be able to see and research for yourself what makes us the best in the industry,” said Jacob Krum, co-founder, Space Milk.


Space Milk is available to order online:

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