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What is an ‘Alternative Protein’ and 5 reasons why they’re the future

Alternative Proteins are something you’re probably already familiar with, like the “Beyond Meat” and the “Impossible Burger.” However the category is broad and those just scratch the surface. Innovations are evolving almost daily, and we’re witnessing the development of a very new, very cool industry.

New Alternative Proteins are being sourced from fermented single-celled organisms, like baker’s yeast, and can come from GMO and non-GMO varieties. This means they can be grown in water (no need for pesticides, antibiotics, or hormones), and without the major problems consumers are concerned about today.

Here are five reasons why they’re the future:

1. They’re on another (trophic) level!

Alternative Proteins aren’t sourced from either plants OR animals, but they ARE better than both. AP’s sourced from fermented single-celled organisms have the lowest cost to produce in nature — to think big, we need to look small.

2. They’re as good or better for you than traditional sources.

Depending on the Alternative Protein, their nutritional profile is as good or better than Whey, the gold standard for protein bio-availability. This means being vegan just got easier, and being planet friendly is actually better for your muscles. (Did someone say GAINS?)

3. They’re free!.. Of allergens!

Unlike Whey, Alternative Proteins are lactose-free, and flavor and texture neutral, mixing easily in water for better drinkability. They’re also gluten-free, soy-free, low-carb, and more! No more bloaty, stuffy, gross feelings of Whey, and no more gas or grass-burps(mooo) from plant-based products.

4. They’ll save the planet. Actually.

Alternative Proteins emit up to 97% less greenhouse gas than Whey and 53% less than Soy. Trade in your out-dated protein of the past and you’ll literally be a better person. That’s way easier than cardio!

Plus, did you know the USA’s largest crop is Soy? AP’s require 40% less nutrients and 29% less water for the same purpose!

5. They’re going to let us explore the universe.

In 2021 NASA held a competition for Space Food Systems. For us to be a real-deal space-faring race, we’ll need to have reliable food systems in Space instead of bringing everything with us like we do now. Alternative Proteins are the solution because growing crops or raising livestock on a space station isn’t feasible. However, growing AP’s in a closed system using recyclable water and nutrients IS.

Want to try some?

Currently the only Alternative Protein Supplement available today is Space Milk, and they’re in beta-testing, currently gearing up for launch! Space Milk is taking pre-orders for release of their “World’s First” non-GMO, yeast-protein isolate, and products ordered will ship in the beginning of March. Space Milk’s amino acid (protein) profile matches the ideal ratio for human nutrition, and there are only 5000 units available. Once the first batch is reserved, it will be six weeks until they have more.

Space Milk’s two flavors, chocolate and vanilla, retail on their site for $59.99 (shipping included), and have more protein per serving and servings per container than top names like Vega, Orgain, and Garden of Life — for a better price. (Plus, we think it tastes better, too.)

Want to learn more?

Head over to and check it out! The development team is highly active and responds to all inquiries and suggestions.

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